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Warehouse and Order Fulfillment

Why Warehouse and Order Fulfillment from China?

Warehousing and Order fulfillment services are third-party logistics companies providing warehouse that manage inventory, fulfill and dispatch orders for other companies such as online sellers, eCommerce that do not possess warehouse and distribution facilities. The service helps reduce infrastructure and logistical costs as well as improve operational efficiency of merchants and retailing businesses. Essentially, order fulfillment services provide receiving, processing and delivery services on behalf of a client company. This service extends to a wide array of transactions, ranging from large business-to-business to individual direct-to-consumer orders. For many companies, it is with fulfillment service providers that they are able to go about moving, storing and delivering their goods to their customers.

For eCommerce or online merchants, fulfillment is a big task and responsibility as it involves time–consuming and resource-intensive tasks that include taking orders, packaging, processing payment to shipment and delivery. The challenge with fulfillment is that the more customers and orders you get the more complicated logistics becomes. A fulfillment service takes care of those.

Order Fulfillment And Value-Added Services

According to the order of your customers’ purchase, the process of order fulfillment starts with picking products from your inventory, then we pack and label the products according to your requirement, apply the postage label, and ship them directly to your customer. We offer a wide range of shipping methods, which includes ocean freight, air freight, express courier and drop shipping from China for your choice to optimize the utility of supply chain that suits your business model and your customer’s requirement. We also offer value-added service such as labeling, kitting, assembly, inspection, and repacking tailor-made to fit your need.